Knowledge Engineering

We aim to use learnings from previous efforts, growth in available data, and ambitions of qualitatively novel capabilities to facilitate the discovery, linking, and processing of knowledge. This work primarily consists of support for The Underlay, a project intending to build a global, distributed graph of public knowledge. Note: The Underlay is currently seeking a qualified Software Engineer. Job description and application instructions to be found here.

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The Underlay: the Inevitable Future of Knowledge
Lab Day 2018 / 2018.10.23 / San Francisco, CA, USA

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2019.9.5 / Poster
A Dual-Process Approach for Automated Knowledge Creation
Scientific knowledge growth combines elements of existing theories into new proposed models, which is combinatorially intractable. Inspired by dual-system psychological theories, we conceptualize a knowledge creation process in two stages. Stage One narrows the space of existing computational elements based on contextual queues, supplying components from which a new model will be proposed.
Metascience Symposium / 2019.09.05 / Stanford, CA, USA