Consensus is at the heart of decentralised systems, having taken centre stage with the introduction of Nakamoto’s Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm and the subsequent explosion of blockchain technology. However, it also poses a significant scalability bottleneck for blockchain networks.

In order for decentralised cloud computing and the decentralised internet to become pervasive and supersede current technologies and architectures, they will need to support comparable workloads, with billions of transactions per second, low latency, and high security, in addition to stronger privacy guarantees, censorship resistance, and availability. The abundance of challenges, both theoretical and applied, has turned blockchain and consensus research into extremely active research areas.

ConsensusDay 22 aims to provide a forum for the discussion of early-stage but high-impact research with scientific interest and real-world applications. It is a continuation of a wildly successful event organised in 2021, which attracted high-quality contributions and top marks from across academia and industry. It is also an evolution in the direction of more rigour and even higher quality. It welcomes not just traditionally scoped consensus research but also work in adjacent topics within the broader distributed systems field.

This year, ConsensusDay will be held at ACM CCS 2022 in Los Angeles. The conference and workshop will take place in a remote format, supporting both in-person and remote attendance.

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