09:15 PT Welcome Talk
Marko Vukolić (Protocol Labs)
10:00 PT Session 1: Challenging Assumptions
Session chair: Jorge Soares (Protocol Labs)
10:00 Blockchain Security when Messages are Lost
Taha Ameen, Suryanarayana Sankagiri, Bruce Hajek (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
10:15 Quorum Systems in Permissionless Networks
Luca Zanolini, Christian Cachin (University of Bern); Giuliano Losa (Stellar Development Foundation)
10:30 PT Break
11:00 PT Session 2: Proof-of-Stake Security
Session chair: Sarah Azouvi (Protocol Labs)
11:00 Proof-of-Stake Longest Chain Protocols: Security vs Predictability
Vivek Bagaria (Matician); Amir Dembo (Stanford University); Sreeram Kannan, Sewoong Oh (University of Washington Seattle); David Tse (Stanford University); Pramod Viswanath, Xuechao Wang (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign); Ofer Zeitouni (Weizmann Institute of Science)
11:15 Longest Chain Consensus Under Bandwidth Constraint
Joachim Neu, Srivatsan Sridhar (Stanford University); Lei Yang (MIT CSAIL); David Tse (Stanford University); Mohammad Alizadeh (MIT)
11:30 Towards the Comprehensive Understanding of Ethereum Mempool DoS Security
Yibo Wang, Kai Li, Yuzhe Tang (Syracuse University)
11:45 Two More Attacks On Proof-of-Stake GHOST/Ethereum
Joachim Neu, Ertem Nusret Tas, David Tse (Stanford University)
12:00 PT Lunch Break
13:30 PT Session 3: Electing Leaders
Session chair: Matej Pavlovic (Protocol Labs)
13:30 Leveraging Democracy to Optimize Distributed Random Beacons
Alejandro Ranchal Pedrosa, Vincent Gramoli (The University of Sydney)
13:45 It's not easy to relax, liveness in chained BFT
Neil Giridharan (UC Berkeley); Florian Suri-Payer (Cornell University); Ittai Abraham (VMware Research); Natacha Crooks (UC Berkeley); Heidi Howard (Microsoft Research)
14:00 Efficient and Universally Composable Single Secret Leader Election from Pairings
Dario Catalano (University of Catania, Italy); Dario Fiore, Emanuele Giunta (IMDEA Software Institute)
14:15 PT Session 4: Combining Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake
Session chair: Alejandro Ranchal-Pedrosa (Protocol Labs)
14:15 Pikachu: Securing PoS Blockchains from Long-Range Attacks by Checkpointing into Bitcoin PoW using Taproot
Sarah Azouvi, Marko Vukolić (Protocol Labs)
14:30 Bitcoin-Enhanced Proof-of-Stake Security: Possibilities and Impossibilities
Sreeram Kannan (University of Washington, Seattle); Mohammad Ali Maddah-Ali, Ertem Nusret Tas, David Tse (Stanford University); Fisher Yu (Babylon Chain)
14:45 Minotaur: Multi-Resource Blockchain Consensus
Matthias Fitzi (IOHK); Xuechao Wang (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign); Sreeram Kannan (University of Washington Seattle); Aggelos Kiayias (University of Edinburgh and IOHK); Nikos Leonardos (University of Athens); Pramod Viswanath, Gerui Wang (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
15:00 PT Break
15:30 PT Session 5: Performance
Session chair: Xuechao Wang (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
15:30 Linear View Change in Optimistically Fast BFT
Matthieu Rambaud (Télécom Paris, Institut Polytechnique Paris); Andrei Tonkikh (LTCI, Télécom Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris); Mark Abspoel (Roseman Labs)
15:45 Block-STM: Scaling Blockchain Execution by Turning Ordering Curse to a Performance Blessing
Rati Gelashvili, Alexander Spiegelman (Aptos); Zhuolun Xiang (CMU); George Danezis (Mysten Labs & UCL); Zekun Li (Aptos); Yu Xia (MIT); Runtian Zhou (Meta); Dahlia Malkhi (Chainlink Labs)
16:00 Dissecting BFT Consensus: In Trusted Components we Trust!
Suyash Gupta (University of California, Berkeley); Sajjad Rahnama, Shubham Pandey (University of California, Davis); Natacha Crooks (UC Berkeley); Mohammad Sadoghi (University of California, Davis)
16:15 PT Panel Discussion
17:15 PT Closing Remarks