Protocol Labs Research

Adam Marblestone

Research Advisor


PhD, 2014


BS, 2009


Adam is working to roadmap and launch science and technology moonshot projects that call for novel organizational and funding models.

Adam is a Schmidt Futures Innovation Fellow and affiliated with the Federation of American Scientists (FAS). Previously, he was a research scientist at Google DeepMind studying connections between AI and neuroscience, Chief Strategy Officer of the brain-computer interface company Kernel, a research scientist in Ed Boyden’s Synthetic Neurobiology Group at MIT working to develop new technologies for brain circuit mapping, a PhD student in biophysics with George Church and colleagues at Harvard, and a theoretical physics student with Michel Devoret at Yale working on quantum information theory.

His work has been recognized with a Technology Review 35 Innovators Under 35 Award (2018), a Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Fellowship (2010) and a Goldwater Scholarship (2008). He also helped to start companies like BioBright and advised foundations such as the Open Philanthropy Project.

Areas of Expertise

Scientific organization design, Metascience, Biology