Our research takes place in the open as a combined effort with external researchers and the academic community. These connections take many forms, depending on the field and the research direction.

Open Science

Protocol Labs Research aims to be an open organization with no borders. We are transparent about what we perceive as problems, and we engage with the community in order to better define and, eventually, solve them. We are open about our results and strive to publish them in ways such that anyone anywhere can access them. Lastly, we are open about our implementations, which we release under a permissive license stack.

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RFP Program

Initially announced in 2018, the Request for Proposals (RFP) increases our impact by supporting community pursuit of solutions to important problems. It works on the basis of discrete calls directed to specific open problems, for which we solicit short applications. Applications are welcome from anyone, regardless of location or affiliation. Grant allocation is competitive but agile.

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We support conferences, workshops and events that are directly aligned with the mission and values of PL research. These sponsorships support open source collaboration and innovation, further the visibility and impact of PL research, and strengthen relationships between PL and other open source communities. Our current sponsorship process is undergoing revision, at the completion of which, we will begin taking open requests for sponsorship.


Building on our open source culture, Protocol Labs Research works collaboratively with individuals and teams in industry, academia, and society at large. These collaborations vary significantly in format and range from co-authoring solutions and publications to sponsoring worthwhile events and initiatives.

Public Talks

We believe knowledge should be shared freely, and whenever possible, we include video recording as part of our event sponsorship. The recordings produced are and will remain free to view on our public video channels.

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