Protocol Labs Research

The AbstractionLab houses several independent research projects directly exploring the future of decentralization and how infrastructure affects technological possibilities.

ConsensusLab explores cutting-edge scalable permissionless consensus protocols, including three main pillars of sharding, consensus proper, and scalable execution.

CryptoComputeLab is focused on the intersection of applied cryptography, high performance computing, and programming language design. We strive to create and consume practical research to develop deployed software

CryptoEconLab at PL aspires to become a hub for research on economic incentives, coordination games, and novel marketplaces. We aim to develop capacity to design, validate, deploy, and govern large-scale economic systems.

Cryptonet is a public good cryptography lab providing technological empowerment by creating secure building blocks for Web3 protocols.

Network Research explores new mechanisms for incentivizing and supporting public goods creation in the areas of science and technology.

ProbeLab is on a mission to measure the performance of Web3 network protocols, benchmark protocols against target performance milestones, and propose improvements to their core design principles.

Research Acceleration seeks to enable faster progress through the design and operation of effective and efficient support and funding mechanisms.

The mission of the Resilient Networks Lab is to build resilient distributed systems, by creating and operating a platform where researchers can collaborate openly and asynchronously on deep technical work.