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Cryptoeconomics is an emerging field of economic coordination games in cryptographically secured peer-to-peer networks. As an interdisciplinary study, cryptoeconomics involves a constellation of knowledge including computer science, network science, statistics, economics, and system engineering. In an increasingly networked and open world, cryptoeconomics will play a bigger role in coordinating human and machine activities and building a better future.

Mission & Vision

CryptoEconLab at PL aspires to become a hub for research on economic incentives, coordination games, and novel marketplaces. We aim to develop capacity to design, validate, deploy, and govern large-scale economic systems. CryptoEconLab strives to empower projects in the ecosystem through novel incentives and advance humanity’s understanding of multiagent systems and algorithmic steering of economic networks.

Motivation & Description

The lab’s genesis comes from a growing need to enable the design and deployment of large-scale economic systems, from token networks to the Metaverse. CryptoEconLab is designed to take ownership of the economic aspects of a technosocial system including design, specification, validation, deployment, and governance.

Research Endeavours

  • Formation, diffusion, and learning in networks
  • Stochastic optimal control for evolutionary systems
  • Evolutionary game theory, population games, state based potential games
  • Optimal pricing and resource allocation in distributed networks
  • Value attribution and graph-based algorithms
  • Market design, algorithmic game theory & differential privacy
  • Prediction markets, automated market makers, reputation systems
  • Institutional economics and governance

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2020-08-27 / Report
Engineering Filecoin’s economy
As a novel data storage and distribution network, the Filecoin Network’s mission is to create a decentralized, efficient, and robust foundation for humanity’s information. This mission will be advanced by incentivizing consistent growth and development of the Filecoin Network’s economy.
Protocol Labs
2020-03-19 / Journal article
On modeling blockchain-enabled economic networks as stochastic dynamical systems
Blockchain networks have attracted tremendous attention for creating cryptocurrencies and decentralized economies built on peer-to-peer protocols. However, the complex nature of the dynamics and feedback mechanisms within these economic networks has rendered it difficult to reason about the growth and evolution of these networks.
Applied Network Science / 2020.03.19
Zixuan (ZX) Zhang , Michael Zargham, Victor M. Preciado

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2021-05-13 / Careers
We're hiring!
Protocol Labs Research has been growing rapidly, with the launch of CryptoComputeLab, CryptoEconLab, and CryptoNetLab, a number of new projects, and new researchers, advisors, and support staff joining the team.
2020-08-27 / Blog
Introducing the Filecoin Economy
Filecoin provides a blockchain-based marketplace that promises to revolutionize the global storage economy. The Filecoin marketplace delivers a totally new and secure way for anyone in the world to buy and sell storage. We’re excited to share an overview of how the storage economy works on the Filecoin Network.