Protocol Labs Research
2021-05-13 / Careers
We're hiring!

Protocol Labs Research has been growing rapidly, with the launch of CryptoComputeLab, CryptoEconLab, and CryptoNetLab, a number of new projects, and new researchers, advisors, and support staff joining the team.

Yet this is only the beginning of our ambitious roadmap for 2021, and we need your help to execute it! We are currently hiring for a number of roles, including:

Support and Management

  • Research Administrator
  • Research Program Manager
  • Technical Program Manager

Research Scientists

  • Independent Researcher
  • Research Scientist, CryptoEconLab
  • Research Scientist, Cryptography
  • Research Scientist, Distributed Systems
  • Research Scientist, Networking

Research Engineers

  • Protocol Engineer, CryptoEconLab
  • Research Engineer, CryptoCompute Lab
  • Research Engineer, Resilient Networks Lab

Head on to our open jobs page for more details on these and other roles and to submit your application.