Protocol Labs Research

Abby Silin

Research Administrator / Research Acceleration


BA (Hons) Art, Communication, and the Environment, 2013

Green Mountain College

Abby created her own college major, choosing to focus on social media communication, the physiology of perception and art, and the environment. She joined the team after spending the past four years working in tech, growing pilot roles and improving internal communications and processes. In her spare time, Abby can be found cycling, hiking, running, reading, or making art.

Areas of Expertise

Distributed power systems and knowledge engineering

Blog posts

2023-01-18 / Blog
Pausing PL Research Open Research Grants
Over the 2022 calendar year, Protocol Labs Research received a tremendous amount of participation and submissions for our Open Research Grants program. Having awarded more than $1 million USD for researchers around the globe, we could not be more proud of the success of this program and the quality of our award recepients.
2022-08-26 / Blog
Protocol Labs research funding recipients 2022
Protocol Labs Research is thrilled to announce the first research funding recipients of 2022! We fund researchers around the world and have given out 11 awards so far this year. These awards include three RFPs, two Summer Research Grants, five Doctoral fellowships, and one Postdoctoral fellowship.
2022-07-18 / News, Grants
Streamlining our grantmaking framework
In our ongoing quest to continuously improve the UX around our research grants programme, we’re announcing today a number of updates to both the framework and the operations that should enable a more streamlined, faster, and easier experience for all stakeholders.
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