Protocol Labs Research

Karola Kirsanow

Research Program Manager


PhD in Human Evolutionary Biology, 2009

Harvard University

MSc in Archaeological Science, 2004

Oxford University

BA in Archaeology, 2002

Cornell University

Karola holds a Ph.D. in Human Evolutionary Biology from Harvard, where she worked on reconstructing palaeoenvironmental conditions relevant to hominid evolution. She has also conducted palaeogenetic research into modern human adaptations to diet and climate. She is broadly interested in complex networks of interaction in both natural and artificial contexts, and she is excited to support research into building resilient distributed systems at Protocol Labs.

Areas of Expertise

Biological networks, Human genetics

Latest work

2020.11.23 / Posts

A Research Perspective on Filecoin, Part Two

In Part One, we traced the intellectual and technological history of modern implementations of distributed ledger technology. Now let’s take a stroll through the technological landscape around the time of Filecoin’s release:

2020.11.16 / Posts

A Research Perspective on Filecoin

The Filecoin network is launching in the middle of a revolution in internet architecture, where vulnerable centralized services dependent on trusted parties are being replaced with resilient decentralized solutions based on verifiable computation, and internet services are being relocated from inefficient central monoliths to the far reaches of the network by peer-to-peer markets.

2020.9.25 / Posts

COVID-19 Open Innovation Grant update

In the spring, as COVID-19 swept the globe, Protocol Labs quickly retooled its grant program and launched an accelerated grants program to support open-source projects building tools to confront present and future pandemics.

2020.7.27 / Posts

Alfonso de la Rocha joins Protocol Labs Research

Alfonso is joining the Resilient Networks Lab (ResNetLab) as a Research Engineer. He comes to PL from Telefónica R&D, where he worked on blockchain-based technologies such as TrustOS. We asked Alfonso about his journey to PL, the projects he will be working on in the ResNetLab, and his thoughts about future technological developments: