Protocol Labs Research

Zixuan (ZX) Zhang

Research Scientist / CryptoLab


MSE in Data Science, 2019

University of Pennsylvania

BSE in Networked and Social Systems Engineering, 2019

University of Pennsylvania

ZX studies the intersection of networks, incentives, and optimization.

Areas of Expertise

Cryptoeconomics, Distributed Systems, Complex Systems

Latest work

2020.8.27 / Posts

Introducing the Filecoin Economy

Filecoin provides a blockchain-based marketplace that promises to revolutionize the global storage economy. The Filecoin marketplace delivers a totally new and secure way for anyone in the world to buy and sell storage. We’re excited to share an overview of how the storage economy works on the Filecoin Network.

2020.3.19 / Publications

On modeling blockchain-enabled economic networks as stochastic dynamical systems

Blockchain networks have attracted tremendous attention for creating cryptocurrencies and decentralized economies built on peer-to-peer protocols. However, the complex nature of the dynamics and feedback mechanisms within these economic networks has rendered it difficult to reason about the growth and evolution of these networks.