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2021-03-03 / News, Team
ResNetLab welcomes Barath Raghavan as a research advisor

We are pleased to announce that Barath Raghavan will be working with ResNetLab as an advisor. Barath is a professor of computer science at USC, where he co-leads the networked systems lab and conducts research across the fields of core networked systems, computing for social good and sustainability, and security.

We asked Barath about his journey to PL, the ResNetLab projects he will be advising, and his thoughts about future technological developments:

How did you become an advisor to PL?

I’d known about PL’s work from the earliest days of IPFS, but hadn’t been following it closely. Last year Jonathan reached out to have me give a talk about my research on Internet architecture, and took an interest after seeing the breadth of projects and unusual (and interesting) structure of the company.

What problems are you currently most interested in?

I’m interested in understanding how to build secure distributed systems and network architectures that enable trust and responsibility among their participants and that are responsive to the necessarily-messy societal challenges that we face in information ecosystems.

What future technology are you most excited about?

Systems for sustainable agroecosystem design and management.