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2023-03-31 / News
New directions in Network Research

As Protocol Lab’s footprint in the public goods space has grown, the Network Research team has taken the lead on integrating and adapting PL’s work to the needs and interests of the scientific community, with the goal of designing and building public goods to move science forward faster.

At Funding the Commons Lisbon, Network Research described how our public goods primitives – hypercerts, impact evaluators, discourse graphs, research roadmaps, and network funds – can be composed into an integrated coordination system.

We’ve been working with our fellow researchers and developers to build new infrastructure for discourse graphs, and to make publicly-shared graphs discoverable and citable. The Atlas of Synthesized Knowledge is the home for the community of practice around graph-based communication and synthesis protocols.

We’ve also been working with collaborators across various fields to refine, implement, and promulgate our research roadmapping protocol, creating new tools and methods to align researchers and research funders and plot new courses through the scientific problem space.

We’re excited to announce that these efforts have led to a new initiative combining our work on graph synthesis and research roadmapping: the Network Goods Research Roadmapping project integrates the knowledge synthesis and communication capabilities provided by discourse graphs with the coordination and alignment function of research roadmaps, and adds new tools for the discovery and incentivization of scientific public goods.

We’re bidding a fond farewell to the Network Research team designation but keeping our laser focus on building metaresearch initatives enabling revolutionary coordination systems under the Network Goods mandate. Join us at Metascience 2023 to learn more about our portfolio of projects, and watch this space for further news!