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2021-05-21 / News, Team
Adam Marblestone joins PL Research as an Advisor

We are delighted to announce that Adam Marblestone will be joining PL Research as an advisor. Adam is a neuroscientist and technologist who has conducted research in brain circuit mapping and quantum information theory. He has also worked on elucidating design principles for the invention of transformative technologies.

We asked Adam about his journey to PL, the MetaResearch projects he will be advising, and his thoughts about future technological developments:

How did you decide to become an advisor to PL?

I decided to join PL through my involvement in long-term discussions with Juan, Evan, and others about accelerating science.

What problems are you currently most interested in?

  • Developing increased capacity for research that is pre-commercial but involves systems engineering and team science

  • Overcoming structural monoculture in scientific organizations

  • The biology of aging

  • The neuroscience and biotechnology underpinnings of brain computer interfaces

  • The intersection of neuroscience and AI

What future technology are you most excited about?

I view many technologies as interconnected, but, basically, the convergence of information and biology.