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2022-09-16 / Blog
Gitcoin Grants Round 15: getting DeSci on the SamePage

Protocol Labs is excited to support the Decentralized Science Matching Grant Funding Round in Gitcoin’s GR15, now live until 22 September, 2022.

The Gitcoin Grants Program uses quadratic funding to leverage small contributions across a large and diverse network of contributors into large impact –- a new Web3-native way of sustainably funding public goods projects.

The DeSci round focuses on accelerating the growth of the decentralized science community and supporting innovative research initiatives enabled by Web3 tools, ideas, and technology. The matching pool currently stands at $500k USD, reflecting research funders' enthusiasm for creating both new scientific discoveries and new ways of working in science.

The DeSci grants page is filled with exciting and worthwhile projects, and we encourage all supporters and potential supporters of decentralized science to check it out.

Network Research is particularly enthusiastic about the SamePage Network, a project building out the interoperability layer for networked notebooks that are crucial to decentralized scientific collaboration. Today SamePage connects Roam, Logseq, and Obsidian users, and further expansions are planned.

Creating this network layer will enable enable research collaborations to work together across platforms, with each researcher working in their tool of choice. We think this will lower the barrier to building decentralized discovery networks across institutional boundaries, and empower researchers to truly own their research and their choice of research tools.

The DeSci Gitcoin Grant Round illustrates how Web3 ways of thinking can move science forward faster, and we’re just getting started: we’re planning a DeSci round as part of the next Gitcoin grant round, GR16, as well. If you are a researcher or research funder interested in contributing to decentralized science, please join us!