Protocol Labs Research

Ariel Gabizon

Research Advisor / CryptoLab


PhD in Computer Science, 2008

Weizmann Institute of Science

For most of his career, Ariel has focused exclusively on theoretical computer science, obtaining a PhD from the Weizmann Institute in 2008. A few years ago he discovered the world of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. He sees it as a fascinating potential meeting place of beautiful theoretical computer science ideas and real-world applications. Motivated by this, he shifted his focus in 2014 from pure theory into making tools such as Zero-Knowledge proofs more practical and efficient. Notably, he contributed to the original deployment of Zcash and later discovered and helped mitigate a critical counterfeiting bug.

Areas of Expertise


Latest work

2019.8.24 / Publications

PLONK: Permutations over Lagrange-bases for oecumenical noninteractive arguments of knowledge

zk-SNARK constructions that utilize an updatable universal structured reference string remove one of the main obstacles in deploying zk-SNARKs[GKM + ]. The important work of Maller et al. [MBKM19] presented Sonic-the first potentially practical zk-SNARK with fully succinct verification for general arithmetic circuits with such an SRS.

2019.5.29 / Publications

AuroraLight: Improved prover efficiency and SRS size in a Sonic-like system

Using ideas from the recent Aurora zk-STARK of Ben-Sasson et al. [BCR + 19], we present a zk-SNARK with a universal and updatable SRS similar to the recent construction of Maller et al.