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2022-08-11 / News, Grants
Introducing Cryptonet network grants

Originally founded to drive the creation of Filecoin, Cryptonet set out to create a community of researchers and engineers working on designing, proving, improving the building blocks for crypto-networks to engender new capabilities across the Web 3.0 stack.

As part of that mission, we’re now launching a new funding programme to support valuable research projects in the space, while also fostering collaborations across industry and academia.

Cryptonet network grants are mid-size funding instruments intended to stimulate research on cryptographic problems arising from Web3 applications. Specific topics of interest include:

  • SNARKs
  • Vector commitments
  • Multiparty computation
  • Threshold cryptography
  • Decentralized and anonymous authentication
  • Fully homomorphic encryption
  • Security against rational adversaries
  • Quantum resistant cryptography
  • Proofs of space

We expect the typical grant to last one year and receive \$25,000 in funding, but applications are accepted for amounts up to \$35,000. Funds can be used to support graduate students, the summer salaries of university faculty, travel to conferences and meetings, participation in summer schools and Web3 events, or fellowships for graduate students and postdocs.

If you are a researcher working in any of the problems above, we encourage you to read the details of the funding call, submit your application, and become part of Cryptonet’s extended community of researchers and collaborator.