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2022-11-30 / News, Events
The Filecoin Spacenet goes live

For all of the past year, our team at ConsensusLab has been hard at work pushing the boundaries of Filecoin scalability and devising a framework for horizontal scaling that allows for the seamless spawning of interoperable subnets, as well as a reference implementation of a consensus algorithm suitable for running said subnets.

We are pleased to announce that, as of Monday, the first phase of the Interplanetary Consensus (IPC) project is available for public testing, with the launch of the Filecoin Spacenet. Spacenet is a new test network for IPC, which will initially provide a platform for builders to experiment with Trantor consensus.

FVM support is expected in the coming weeks, unleashing the potential for novel applications and use cases that require lower latency than provided by Filecoin mainnet consensus, and support for subnets will be added next year, enabling elastic capacity and paving the road for deployment in the main network.

We invite you to visit the newly launched Scaling Filecoin website ( and the Spacenet repository. If you need funds, head to the Spacenet faucet. Please reach out if you’d like to get involved, be it by operating a node, deploying an application, building tooling, or anything else! Development discussions take place on #spacenet (Filecoin Slack).

Oh, one last note! If you’d like to learn more about IPC and Trantor, the recordings from the recent ConsensusLab Summit are now available, and cover these and other projects in detail.