Protocol Labs Research
2020-12-07 / Conference paper
PASTRAMI: Privacy-preserving, auditable, scalable & trustworthy auctions for multiple items
Middleware '20 / 2020.12.07
Michał Król, Alberto Sonnino, Argyrios Tasiopoulos, Yiannis Psaras , Etienne Rivière


Decentralised cloud computing platforms enable individuals to offer and rent resources in a peer-to-peer fashion. They must assign resources from multiple sellers to multiple buyers and derive prices that match the interests and capacities of both parties. The assignment process must be decentralised, fair and transparent, but also protect the privacy of buyers.

We present PASTRAMI, a decentralised platform enabling trustworthy assignments of items and prices between a large number of sellers and bidders, through the support of multi-item auctions. PASTRAMI uses threshold blind signatures and commitment schemes to provide strong privacy guarantees while making bidders accountable. It leverages the Ethereum blockchain for auditability, combining efficient off-chain computations with novel, on-chain proofs of misbehaviour. Our evaluation of PASTRAMI using Filecoin workloads show its ability to efficiently produce trustworthy assignments between thousands of buyers and sellers.