Yiannis Psaras

Research Scientist / ResNetLab


PhD in Computer Networks, 2008

Democritus University of Thrace

Yiannis has a long-standing interest in Information- or Content-Centric Networks with several noteworthy contributions in the area. He has extensive background in several of the architectural and protocol design aspects of Information-Centric Networks having run several projects over the last decade. He sees IPFS as a deployment of ICN in the wild with a huge user-base and is therefore excited to contribute his past experience into the protocol design choices of a live network. Yiannis is active in the ICN research community and the IRTF ICNRG. In the past, he has worked in areas related to congestion control, routing, caching, naming and resource allocation of current and future fixed and mobile Internet architectures. He believes that decentralisation of Internet services will be demanded through the need to deploy services at the edge of the network, aka edge-computing. A brief thesis on this together with related works can be found here: https://www.ee.ucl.ac.uk/~ipsaras/ddec.html

Areas of Expertise


Latest work

2020.6.8 / Posts

IPFS talk at the IRTF Decentralised Internet Infrastructure Research Group meeting

ResNetLab was invited to meet with the Decentralised Internet Infrastructure Research Group (DINRG) of the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) to present and discuss the Software Architecture of the IPFS protocol.

2020.5.18 / Posts

NDN Seminar: a high-level overview of the InterPlanetary File System

ResNetLab was invited to present the “High-Level Overview of the IPFS Architecture” to the Named Data Networking consortium!

2019.12.30 / Posts

A New Lab for Resilient Networks Research

Resiliency is at the core of systems that are capable of standing the test of time, providing unshakable access for the many generations to come. A resilient system or network is fundamentally uncompromised by an isolated failure or network split.