David Dias

Research Engineer / ResNetLab


MSc in Communication Networks Engineering, 2014

Universidade de Lisboa - Instituto Superior Técnico

BSc in Communication Networks Engineering, 2012

Universidade de Lisboa - Instituto Superior Técnico

Areas of Expertise

Distributed Systems, Networking

Latest work

2020.6.8 / Posts

IPFS talk at the IRTF Decentralised Internet Infrastructure Research Group meeting

ResNetLab was invited to meet with the Decentralised Internet Infrastructure Research Group (DINRG) of the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) to present and discuss the Software Architecture of the IPFS protocol.

2020.5.18 / Posts

NDN Seminar: a high-level overview of the InterPlanetary File System

ResNetLab was invited to present the “High-Level Overview of the IPFS Architecture” to the Named Data Networking consortium!

2020.4.17 / Posts

Gossipsub v1.1 at 'Open Tech Will Save Us' virtual event

ResNetLab was present at Open Tech Will Save Us virtual meetup, an event organized by the Matrix.org team during which participants could watch a live stream provided by Jitsi and ask questions using the Matrix protocol (often through a client like Riot).

2020.1.6 / Publications

DClaims: A Censorship Resistant Web Annotations System using IPFS and Ethereum

The proliferation of unreliable and biased information is a significant problem on the Internet. To assess the credibility of the information retrieved from news websites and other sources, users often resort to social platforms looking for confirmation with trustworthy parties.

2019.12.30 / Posts

A New Lab for Resilient Networks Research

Resiliency is at the core of systems that are capable of standing the test of time, providing unshakable access for the many generations to come. A resilient system or network is fundamentally uncompromised by an isolated failure or network split.

2016.5.25 / Publications

Distributed Web Applications with IPFS

The contents of this document describe the tutorial session delivered at ICWE 2016, focused on Building Distributed Web Applications with IPFS. IPFS, the InterPlanetary File System, is the distributed and permanent Web, a protocol to make the Web faster, more secure and open.