Protocol Labs Research

Joel Gustafson

Research Scientist / AbstractionLab


BS in Mathematics with Computer Science, 2018

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Joel’s research is in knowledge representation and distributed systems. At Protocol Labs, he is working to create a decentralized semantic web to enable more open and equal access to information. His other interests span interface design, media theory, human-computer interaction, and programming language theory. Joel has previously worked at the Media Lab, CSAIL, and Notion Labs, and holds a degree in Mathematics with Computer Science from MIT.

Areas of Expertise

Distributed Systems, Networking, Knowledge Representation

Latest work

2021.1.19 / Talks

The Underlay: A distributed public knowledge graph

Joel Gustafson talks about what knowledge graphs are, generally, with special attention to his research project, The Underlay, which is a distributed public knowledge graph.

2018.10.23 / Talks

The Underlay: The inevitable future of knowledge

The Underlay is a global, distributed graph database of public knowledge, started at the MIT Knowledge Futures Group in collaboration with Protocol Labs. It aims to provide open access to the content and provenance of all structured data.