Luca Nizzardo

Research Scientist / Filecoin Research


PhD in Software, Systems, and Computing, 2018

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

MS in Mathematics, 2013

Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

BS in Mathematics, 2011

Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

Luca is a Cryptography Researcher at Protocol Labs, where he works on crypto-related problems involving Filecoin. Before joining Protocol Labs, Luca did his PhD in Cryptography at Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Software under the outstanding supervision of Dario Fiore. He is broadly interested in Blockchain related problems involving cryptography, like Zero Knowledge Proof Systems, Contingent Payments, Consensus Algorithms, and Vector Commitment Schemes.

He has been working on cryptographic techniques for the security of the Cloud since 2014, with a particular focus on homomorphic primitives. Before starting his PhD, he was a business intern at IBM Italy in the Global Business Services division (Fall 2013) and a visiting master student at City College of New York under the supervision of Rosario Gennaro (Spring 2013). During the Spring 2017, he was a visiting PhD student under the supervision of Rosario Gennaro at City College of New York.

Areas of Expertise


Latest work

2020.2.17 / Publications

Vector Commitment Techniques and Applications to Verifiable Decentralized Storage

Vector commitments with subvector openings (SVC) [Lai-Malavolta and Boneh-Bunz-Fisch, CRYPTO'19] allow one to open a committed vector at a set of positions with an opening of size independent of both the vector's length and the number of opened positions.