Protocol Labs Research

Matteo Campanelli

Research Scientist / CryptoNetLab


PhD in Computer Science, 2018

City University of New York

MSc in Technical Artificial Intelligence, 2014

Utrecht University

BSc in Computer Science, 2010

University of Catania

Matteo is interested in the science and applications of succinct cryptographic proofs (how can I convince you that I know a potentially huge—and potentially secret—piece of data with a very very tiny proof).

He joined Protocol Labs in 2022. In a previous life, he had the privilege of being a post-doctoral researcher at Aarhus University (with Claudio Orlandi) and at the IMDEA Software Institute (with Dario Fiore). In 2018 his advisor, Rosario Gennaro, and the City University of New York made the careless blunder of giving him a PhD.

Matteo has a totally seriously-named website.

Areas of Expertise

Cryptographic Proofs (SNARKs, zero-knowledge), Authenticated Data Structures, Rational and Fine-grained Cryptography


Vector commitment techniques and applications to verifiable decentralized storage
Theory and Practice of Blockchains 2020 / 2020.07.01
Matteo Campanelli , Dario Fiore, Nicola Greco , Luca Nizzardo , Dimitris Kolonelos


2022-04-08 / Report
Witness-authenticated key exchange revisited: Improved models, simpler constructions, extensions to groups
We revisit the notion of Witness Authenticated Key Exchange (WAKE) where a party can be authenticated through a generic witness to an NP statement. We point out shortcomings of previous definitions, protocols and security proofs in Ngo et al.
2020-12-05 / Report
Incrementally aggregatable vector commitment techniques and applications to verifiable decentralized storage
Vector commitments with subvector openings (SVC) [Lai-Malavolta, Boneh-Bunz-Fisch; CRYPTO’19] allow one to open a committed vector at a set of positions with an opening of size independent of both the vector’s length and the number of opened positions.
Advances in Cryptology – ASIACRYPT 2020 / 2020.12.05
Matteo Campanelli , Dario Fiore, Nicola Greco , Dimitris Kolonelos, Luca Nizzardo