Protocol Labs Research

Sarah Azouvi

Research Scientist / CryptoLab


PhD in Computer Science, 2020 (expected)

University College London

Sarah is a research scientist with interests that lie at the intersection of Applied Cryptography, Distributed Systems, and Game Theory. During her PhD, she mostly worked on decentralized consensus protocols but also looked at other aspects of decentralized systems such as their governance.

Areas of Expertise

Blockchain, Consensus

Latest work

2020.3.3 / Publications

SoK: Tools for game theoretic models of security for cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have garnered much attention in recent years, both from the academic community and industry. One interesting aspect of cryptocurrencies is their explicit consideration of incentives at the protocol level, which has motivated a large body of work, yet many open problems still exist and current systems rarely deal with incentive related problems well.