Protocol Labs Research

Akosh Farkash

Research Engineer / ConsensusLab


MSc in Bank Management, 2009

International Training Center for Bankers

MSc in Software Engineering, 2007

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Akosh is an adventurer seeking knowledge and understanding, using programming as his weapon of choice to participate in the creative process of building new systems. His path lead him from banking to data mining, to algorithmic trading and spread betting, ending up with blockchain, a technology with the potential to shape the future. He continues to enjoy this field where the pursuit of excellence means learning something new every day.

Areas of Expertise

Integrating Lurk and hierarchical consensus, Distributed computation on private data, Implementing programming languages and DSLs

Blog posts

2023-04-20 / News
IPC subnets land on Filecoin Spacenet
The Interplanetary Consensus framework (IPC), formerly known as Hierarchical Consensus, addresses two challenges of blockchain networks, transaction volume and application heterogeneity. In doing so, it boosts the capabilities of the Filecoin network.